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We offer our flagship format, the 1 -liter boat, ideal for carrying and enjoying with family or friends. We also have 4 -liter professional formats for hospitality and 5 liters for ice cream shops.


Mallorquin lifelong ice cream

In 1980 the Bellver ice cream adventure began. This project He has accompanied us for 40 years. These last 2 years we couldn't be with you, but now we have returned with more desire and illusion than ever, to offer you a Ice cream that is up to your expectations.

During generations, we have learned secrets and techniques of our family, maintaining those unique recipes, with its unmistakable creaminess and intense flavors. We want Share with you the artisan ice cream that He accompanied so many years.

We want to return to connector with all our former customers and send them the ice cream of their childhood again. We are the same, with the same elaboration and ingredients.

Our ice cream is made as always, gluten without, so that everyone can enjoy them.

We do not use hydrogenated fats as an ingredient in our Mallorcan ice cream, as we have always done, to offer the taste and quality you deserve.

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If you are an establishment of hospitality, ice cream shop or small trade, and want to sell our ice cream, get in touch with us;).